Ron Nadel, Program Annotator and Guest Lecturer

Ron is classical music announcer at community radio station KGNU in the Boulder/Denver metropolitan area.  He comes from a musical family and played trumpet for more than ten years before dedicating himself to his true love: listening to, reading about, and talking about, classical music.  

Ron was a public school science teacher for seven years and worked in IT engineering at Lockheed Martin for 25 years.  Ron is involved in Boulder’s musical life, serving as a member of the Board of Directors of the Colorado MahlerFest, a weekly music festival dedicated to the music, life, and times of composer Gustav Mahler.

Gene Malowany, Creative Director

With over 30 years of experience in the art of design, the business of printing, and exploration of the Internet, Gene constantly strives to achieve a strategically-effective product while respecting the client’s expense. As evidence of his success, he has long-term relationships with many Fortune 100/500 companies. And has had a multitude of exposure to diverse industries throughout his entire career.

In applying his craft, Gene does not confine his abilities to specific areas of a client’s business without regard for the whole – whether that company is large or a Mom-and-Pop business. He conducts group sessions in concept/strategy for potential clients with the intent of getting their thoughts in order and unfamiliar processes defined.

Gene’s expertise covers a broad scope of concept, brand development, positioning, design, advertising, writing, packaging, and coordinated print-and-web marketing efforts.

Molly Kittle, Symphony Communications

Passionate about making classical music accessible and relevant in the 21st century, Molly has worked as administrative staff for the Boulder Symphony and resonated with the Symphony's desire to inspire and connect the community through music.

As a musician and teacher, Molly’s inspiration is rooted in her professional knowledge and career experience as a classically trained singer, where she has soloed and performed in many operas, ensembles, and chamber music groups. Molly holds a Bachelor of Music degree in classical vocal performance from University of Denver and has postgraduate training in voice performance and pedagogy from Northwestern University. Further studies include the International Institute of Vocal Arts program in Italy and an immersion in the Body Breath Sound method. Molly is also a teacher in the Contemporary Alexander School - an Alexander Technique program.

You can find Molly facilitating Alexander Technique lessons and workshops for symphony musicians, and teaching private Alexander Technique lessons in Boulder, CO.