Boulder Symphony Concert Hall - a 900-seat venue within - and graciously donated by - First Presbyterian Church in downtown Boulder.


Directions to First Presbyterian Church

1820 15th Street, Boulder, CO 80302

The main entrance is at 16th Street and Canyon.

First Presbyterian Church is located on Canyon Boulevard between 15th and 16th Street.  While the official address will send you to 15th street, the Sanctuary, which is the Symphony's Concert Hall, is located on the 16th side of the building.  

Parking at First Presbyterian Church

Garage Parking

There are 2 parking garages a block's distance from FPC:

  1. 15th and Pearl Street Garage (Parking Services)
  2. 14th and Walnut (RTD Bus Station)

Both garages are FREE of charge on weekends, which is when most Symphony events take place.

They are also open 9 AM - 11 PM Monday - Friday.  The rate is $1.25/hour on weekdays, which is applicable for Friday evening concerts.

Street Parking and Pay Stations

Street parking is also available around FPC.  The rates are $1.25 per hour on Monday - Saturday enforced 9 AM to 7 PM.

First Presbyterian Parking Lot

There is a small first-come, first-served parking lot on the 15th Street side of the church.

Signs at each parking space designate this lot as permit-only parking, however, this lot is available for our concerts and events.  If there is an available space, feel free to park here.

Please do not park in the spaces that are reserved for specific church officials.

Wheelchair Access

First Presbyterian Church is wheelchair accessible, with a ramp on the 16th street entrance, as well as an easy level-ground entrance on the 15th street side.  Handicap parking spaces exist close to both entrances.