Thank you.  What a wonderful evening.  The entire experience was top notch.  Devin was fantastic.  The musicians were spot on, and the singers were a very pleasant surprise.  I expected one or two.  Not a full choir, let alone acting.  The evening was way beyond my expectations.  My daughter had a blast as well. 
— Mark, Boulder
Very educational and fun music for all ages, what a great way to spend an afternoon with family or friends attending a concert! A wonderful way to share a celebration of a holiday with family and friends.  The Symphony creates a learning environment for young people as well as the older folks who become informed about classical music of all types!
— William, Denver
Topnotch Talent, Inspired Instruction and Genuine Good Hearts! Flatirons Strings Academy raised the standard for summer camps! The audience was truly wowed by world class musicians, who performed for camp attendees and their families in Boulder. Keynes Chen and Regan Kane have succeeded in bringing together the best of the best in every genre to benefit the kids! Any strings players who have a chance to attend this camp next year will be thrilled!
— Michelle, Boulder
If you have not yet been to see the Boulder Symphony, conducted by Devin Patrick Hughes, you are missing out on a truly wonderful experience. Maestro Hughes is fun and exciting to watch, while giving history of the pieces being played as well as history of the composer; this adds to the total enjoyment of the evening. The orchestra is wonderful and a pleasure to listen to. I urge you all to not miss spending a most enjoyable evening with the Boulder Symphony.
— Wally, Boulder
Wow! The Boulder Symphony is amazing. What a wonderful experience and surprise to see Devin’s energetic conducting and hear beautiful music and singing. As a New Yorker who just moved to Boulder, I was missing going to the Met and all the wonderful operas. I felt as if I was back home. The Boulder Symphony was very close to The Met (of course, missing the Met stage) but the music and opera was just as good! The Boulder Symphony is a secret gem in Boulder that we just discovered. I encourage everyone to mark your calendar and attend.
— Sonia, Boulder
This is a wonderful orchestra! Excellent musicianship. I especially like how approachable the Boulder Symphony is for children. Two members of the symphony have visited our strings class at Shepherd Valley Waldorf School where my child is learning violin. Kids get in free, and ticket prices for adults are reasonable. They are very friendly and engaging with the audience. I highly recommend this orchestra for anyone who appreciates great music.
— Tamara, Boulder
Bravo! Not only do I enjoy the symphonic concerts but last year’s Pop Concert “A John Denver Tribute” brought back wonderful memories of Denver’s incredible melodies, and what it meant to us at that time.
— Sue, Boulder
A huge thank you to Devin Patrick Hughes for donating his time and energy to working with the students! His dedication to music education and flair for inspiring the next generation of musicians and concert goers is truly a gift! Thank you for sharing!
— Margaret, Boulder
I’m 25 years old and was never exposed to classical music until last year when a friend invited me to a Boulder Symphony concert for my birthday. Blown. Away. Not only did I hear a fantastic orchestra but I learned so much from the conductor about the pieces played but what led the composer to undertake the composition. I never knew the richness of this genre of music. I’ll be back..with friends.
— Lynette, Lakewood
Last night we had our first symphony experience and it was fantastic. I really like the conductor and thought that he explained things really well. Knowing what to listen for, I anticipated the sounds and was excited to know what they meant along with being able to follow the story line. It was a really wonderful evening and as such I am eagerly awaiting the rest of the season this year!
— Heather, Fort Collins
We encourage other local businesses and individuals to also give back to the community by supporting Boulder Symphony... We at LIV Sotheby’s International Realty proudly stand beside them in their mission, and thank them for all that they do to elevate the quality of music, art, culture, and our lives, here in Boulder!
— David, Boulder
The Boulder Symphony knocked one out of the park last night! Phoenix Avalon played a flawless and beautiful Chausson Poeme and the symphony played the heck out of Mahler’s First Symphony. All of us who braved the weather were VERY glad we did! Bravo Devin Patrick Hughes!
— Brian, Denver