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Clash Of Titans

Felix Mendelssohn Scottish Symphony

Nino Rota Divertimento Concertante
   Paul Erhard, double bass

Sebastian Laskowski - Kinespheric Exploitation (world premiere)

The skirl of bagpipes will not be found in this Scottish Symphony.  Mendelssohn's proud, heart-warming final symphony is an action-packed travel log written from the expanded perspective of one of the most talented and worldly composers that has ever lived.  The Symphony no. 3 brings together the incredible multi-faceted personality of Mendelssohn's last years:  his merging of classicism with the new romantic styles, his religious diversity, and his teetering between a career of conducting and composing before it was common to have success in both fields.

20th-Century Italian composer Nino Rota wrote his sprightly double bass concerto in the early 1970s entitled Divertimento Concertante.  Featuring the unique flavors found in the rarely-headlined agility of the double bass instrument, this piece is full of humor, serenity, virtuosity, and intensity of expression.

Boulder Symphony is honored to host CU professor Paul Erhard on the Front Range premiere of Nino Rota's Divertimento Concertante, and is also excited to introduce new composer-in-residence, Sebastian Laskowski, whose world premiere entitled Kinespheric Exploitation celebrates the elements of dance found throughout the rest of the evening's program.

Join Ron Nadel for a lively pre-concert discussion at 6:15 PM in the Chapel.

Tickets can be purchased online at the link below or at the door.

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