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Day Of Reckoning

Hector Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique

Franz Liszt Totentanz
   Cody Garrison, piano

Elizabeth Anne Comninellis - World Premiere


In the 1800s, there was a school of composers that wanted to take music in an entirely different direction from Beethoven's work.  Taking their cues from Berlioz's romantically trippy and cacophonic orchestral music, Listz and Wagner proclaimed the music of the future must contain everything in our conscious and subconscious experiences.  

Both the Totentanz and Symphonie Fantastique contain the famous prayer for the dead, the "Dies Irae" from the sequence of the Latin Requiem.  The day of judgement, where saved souls will be delivered into Heaven and the unsaved cast into eternal flame, is aptly relevant to the direction of art at the turn of the nineteenth century.  

Both making their symphonic debuts in Boulder, staff accompanist Cody Garrison steps out in front of the orchestra to solo in the Totentanz and new composer-in-residence Elizabeth Anne Comninellis shares her inspiration with a captivating world premiere.

Join Ron Nadel for a lively pre-concert discussion at 6:15 PM in the Chapel.

Tickets can be purchased online at the link below or at the door.


This concert is proudly a participant of Boulder Arts Week 2017!  

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